Sunday, December 29, 2019

Lack of Interest in Reading Among Studets - 1328 Words

LACK OF INTEREST IN READING AMONG STUDENTS. Lack of a reading culture among students has been a persistent sore in the eyes of many organizations. Concerted efforts being made by these in ensuring that the seeds of this culture are sown are a manifestation of their recognition that it is only a literate and knowledgeable society that can fully participate in and positively contribute toNational development. The role of a library as a source of information to students in improving education standards and promoting functional literacy programmes in the rural areas with a view of improving the livelihoods of adults/parents who never had a chance of attaining formal education or dropped out of school. It further outlines the role of ICT in†¦show more content†¦When they reach uni, it’s even more difficult to inculcate that culture†. â€Å"Yet, sometimes it makes me feel like saying that we should not allow students in University if they do not like/love reading. I suspect that if that criterion were to be, we would have only a handful of students, if any!†. â€Å"Student who doesn’t like to read should never ever be allowed to follow a course at university level. What if a student decides to read about things from the internet? We are still learning although not by reading a book† Muhammad Luqman Hakim bin Mohd Sa’ad, 22, said. â€Å"Perhaps if I could get myself books of actual movies that would really have enticed me into reading more and more since now I haven’t seen many such books at the market or the USIM library as another said the casual stuffs are indeed boring and these are what we actually have stocked in our library†. â€Å"In my opinion, the thing is that students are not so keen to buy a book (ok let’s mention expensive book) for just one semester and then afterwards leave it aside. But there are other ways of reading as mentioned. Subscriptions at the libraries. As i mention it now, it’s been what since one month i have not been reading books apart newspapers. Ok Ive grapped the Harry potter book (goblet of fire) and that’s it. I think that’s the last i saw†. â€Å"Perhaps if there is some kind of

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